Serena Mashup Composer: Take a Test Drive and Build a Business Mashup—Now.
Want to build a Business Mashup in minutes? Serena Mashup Composer was designed to help you do just that—and we'd like to invite you to try it out for free—right now. Serena Business Mashups enable a brand new way of developing business applications—giving a business developer the power to do what only software developers could do before.

Using Serena's Mashup Composer, a business developer can now easily design their own business mashups such as:
  • Workflows
  • User interfaces
  • Business rules
  • and connections to other enterprise systems (to name a few)

Why should you build Serena Business Mashups?
  • You can create and deploy business applications in minutes, without relying on IT.
  • You can create applications tailored to specific business needs more quickly and inexpensively than ever before.
  • Because they're deployed to on-demand servers, and accessible via the Internet, businesses reap the rewards much more quickly, and without the cost and hassle of corporate data centers.
  • Now you can address that backlog of countless business application requests that seem to fall to the bottom of IT's priority list.

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